With the foundation of AlumniChemie, the Department of Chemistry opens up an important platform to stay in contact with former students, assistants and faculty and to promote the exchange of all professional fields.

Members of AlumniChemie benefit from the advantages and privileges of the umbrella organization AlumniBasel. Furthermore, they gain access to subject-specific events, lectures and information. Networking, the cooperation with industry as well as in teaching and research is of tremendous importance in such a multi-layered and education-intensive field as chemistry.

Registration is done directly on the membership page of AlumniBasel. The annual membership fee of 60 Fr. includes all benefits of the umbrella organisation and AlumniChemie, with new graduates benefiting from discounts.

The Department of Chemistry is very excited about these new opportunities to stay connected with their alumni.

Registration: https://alumnibasel.ch/mitgliedschaft/mitglied-werden-anmeldung