PhD and Postdoc

As the education of future academics has always been one of our priorities, the Department of Chemistry of the University of Basel invites postgraduate and postdoctoral students from all over the world to join one of its research groups and take the opportunity to do a PhD or postdoc, respectively, on a cutting-edge research project.

In both teaching and research the Department of Chemistry includes the whole breadth and thematic diversity of modern chemistry. In addition to the traditional three pillars of inorganic, organic and physical chemistry, the department has interdisciplinary foci in synthesis & catalysis, chemical biology, nanomaterials, and theoretical chemistry.

Why choose Basel?

As highly esteemed research institution the Department of Chemistry has an excellent international reputation. In a supportive environment we aim to give our students the opportunity to develop their full potential – scientifically and in their personality.

Our PhD Chemistry Community (PCC) is run by graduates and young researchers at the Department of Chemistry of the University of Basel and aims at enhancing collaboration and promoting community spirit, both by arranging events across the department, but also by improving your research environment encouraging collaboration between research groups.

The Basel area is one of the most productive and innovative economic regions in the world and home of numerous international chemical and pharmaceutical as well as biotech start-up companies.
Located in the trinational region of Switzerland, Germany and France, Basel is a vibrant city with a rich cultural life and pleasant mediterranean flair.