PhD Chemistry Community (PCC)

The PhD Chemistry Community (PCC) is the PhD students association at the Department of Chemistry of the University of Basel. To promote the community and exchange within the department, the PCC organises various events in which we value a good atmosphere and social aspects. Our research-oriented events serve the specific scientific exchange and are a valuable opportunity for our PhD students to prepare for a future scientific career or to establish collaborations within the department.


Program of PCC events:
- 8 research seminars per year (with presentations by PhD students)
- Christmas Symposium Basel (international conference, poster session, fondue dinner)
- Summer party of the Department of Chemistry
- Ski weekend in the Swiss Alps

In addition to the organisation of research-related and social events, the PCC also represents the PhD students in various committees such as the teaching committee, the department's conference, and the Assistants’ Association of the University of Basel (AVUBA). We also ensure a constant exchange with the other panels of the department.

If you want to join us or have any requests regarding your PhD studies you would like us to bring to the attention to one of the committees, please contact us by Email.

2023 main board

Dorothee Wagner (Co-President)
Joël Wellauer (Co-President)
Salome Heim (Cashier)
Elinor Morris (Keeper of the Minutes / Integrity)
Charlotte Kress (Teaching / Research Seminars)
John Coats (Research Seminars / Social Activities)
Carlotta Seno (Research Seminars / Industry Relations)
Andreas Ostertag (Social Activities / YSCS Representative)
Anton Kudashev (Social Activities / YSCS Representative)
Mahsa Parvizian (Industry Relations / Social Media)
Tzu-Chin Chang Chien (Industry Relations / Integrity)


The participants of the inter-group seminar with Prof. Dr. Roald Hoffmann 2022.