Master of Science in Chemistry

The Master’s program in Chemistry is aiming for the second undergraduate degree “Master of Science in Chemistry” and comprises 90 credit points according to the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS). Based on the knowledge imparted in the Bachelor’s program, you will gain a solid foundation for postgraduate study or a career in science.

The three-semester (full-time study) Master’s program comprises compulsory lectures in the core subjects inorganic, organic and physical chemistry, plus a comprehensive range of electives. In laboratory courses (6 week internships) and the Master’s thesis project within a research group, the students will develop the ability to design experiments and interpret results and will be exposed to independent research in current topics of interest. The setup of the program also allows a first specialization in a specific field.

Program Structure

In the Master’s program 90 credit points have to be earned. The first two semesters comprise compulsory lectures and electives (total of 30 credit points) and two elective laboratory courses (15 credit points each). The Master thesis (26 credit points) and the oral Master examination (4 credit points) are usually completed in the third semester.

Elective laboratory courses or the Master thesis can be carried out at non-university institutions. Elective laboratory courses then usually take three months.
Language of instruction is English.

After a completed Master’s degree the students usually pursue a graduate study aiming for a PhD in chemistry.

Information about studying Chemistry as extra-faculty subject can be found in the guidelines (in German only).