Elemental Analyses

About us

The Department of Chemistry of the University of Basel offers its research groups the service of elemental analyses (CHN) of liquid and solid samples. However, for F-containing compounds a double determination is not possible.

We ask external groups or interested parties to contact us directly via e-mail.


- Vario MICRO Cube from Elementar

Sample submission

To submit liquid or solid samples for CHN analysis, read the instructions "EA - sample submission" and fill out the "EA Order Form". Both files can be found in the download section.

Visit https://che-lade.chemie.p.unibas.ch/fmi/webd and go to "Auftrag Elementaranalyse" to upload the completed order form and submit an analysis

You will receive the login data on request: analytics-che@clutterunibas.ch. Please note: Login is possible only within the University of Basel network (VPN).


Sylvie Mittelheisser
Tel.: +41 61 207 11 19
Email: sylvie.mittelheisser@clutterunibas.ch

Jonas Zurfl├╝h
Tel.: +41 61 207 10 35
Email: jonas.zurflueh@clutterunibas.ch