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Publication in the journal Nano Today


“Hard” and “soft” nanoobjects asymmetrically tied together by DNA

In collaboration with the University of Basel, Department of Chemistry and the NCCR-MSE, the research group C. Palivan today published an
article "Hard" and "soft" nanoobjects asymmetrically tied together by DNA in the journal Nano Today.

Researchers in the Palivan group have developed a strategy for the controlled self-organization of disparate nanoobjects into hybrid clusters as a new type of material at nano-scale. These clusters uniquely combine "hard" asymmetric nanoparticles, named Janus nanoparticles, with "soft" vesicles by using DNA as linkers. The "hard" Janus nanoparticles direct the self-organisation of the clusters whilst the “soft” vesicles serve for loading of desired cargos promoting bio-applications.

You can read the article here.

About the Palivan research group here.