Mass Spectrometry

About us

The Department of Chemistry of the University Basel offers a large variety of MS services to all its research groups. This includes high-resolution MS (see below for sample submission), tandem MS as well as coupled systems (e.g. LC-MS). We also offer so-called “open access” devices, which every group member is free to use (see below for more information). In addition, we are happy to support you in any MS related issues.

We ask external groups or interested parties to contact us directly via e-mail.


- HR-ESI-MS (high resolution)

MS Services

- identification of known and unknown compunds (e.g. formula validation)
- consultation in MS-related questions (spectra interpretation, ionization methods, etc.)
- troubleshooting support

Range of Analytes

- small organic compunds
- (soluble) oligomers and polymers
- inorganic metal complexes
- organometallic compounds
- peptides
- proteins


- Bruker maxis II - ESI-MS – high resolution, coupled with mit Shimadzu UPLC (Rosental)
- Bruker maxis 4G - ESI-MS – high resolution, LC-MS Kopplung with Thermo Fischer UPLC
  (St. Johanns-Ring)
- Shimadzu LCMS2020, ESI-MS coupled with Shimadzu HPLC (St. Johanns-Ring)
- Shimadzu LCMS2020, ESI-MS coupled with Shimadzu HPLC (Rosental)
- Bruker microflex – MALDI-MS (St. Johanns-Ring)
- Bruker rapifleX – MALDI-MS – “MALDI-imaging” (Rosental)
- Shimadzu MALDI-8020 (Rosental)

Sample submission for high-resolution ESI-MS analyses (internal)

To submit samples for high-resolution ESI-MS analysis, go to:

You will receive the login data on request:
Please note: Login is possible only within the University of Basel network (VPN).

Open Access Devices

The Shimadzu LCMS2020 (HPLC-ESI-MS with autosampler) in Lab E00.038 (1096 Rosental) and the Shimadzu LCMS2020 (HPLC-ESI-MS with autosampler) in “Messraum 5” (St. Johanns-Ring) can be used by any group member after training through the analytics team. If you are interested, please do not hesitate to contact us (


Sylvie Mittelheisser
Tel.: +41 61 207 11 19

Dr. Michael Pfeffer
Tel.: +41 61 207 11 20

Jonas Zurflüh
Tel.: +41 61 207 10 35