X-ray Analyses

About us

The Department of Chemistry of the University Basel offers a crystallographic service to all the research group of the university and to external users as well. With our recent acquisition of a metaljet X-ray source we have one of the most powerful lab diffractometers in the world. Training for interested PhD students and postdocs can also be provided with the aim to let them become independent in the use of the instrument and in the data processing.

We ask external groups or interested parties to contact us directly via email.


- small-molecule single-crystal X-ray diffraction
- small-molecule single-crystal High-Pressure X-ray diffraction (at a synchrotron)
- powder X-ray diffraction


- STOE StadiVari mit Dectris Pilatus 300K-Detektor und Excillum MetalJet D2 Ga-Kα
  (λ=1.340 Å)
- Bruker Kappa Apex2 mit einer micro-fokussierten Cu-Kα-Quelle (λ=1.542 Å)
- STOE StadiP-Pulverdiffraktometer mit einem Dectris Mythen 1K-Detektor und einer micro-fokussierten Cu-Kα-Quelle (λ=1.542 Å)

Sample submission

To submit samples for x-ray anaylsis, please fill in the "X-ray oder form" (see document section on this page) and contact me by email or come to my office (BPR1095) or the lab (BPR1096) in the Rosental campus.


Dr. Alessandro Prescimone
Tel.: +41 61 207 10 25
Email: alessandro.prescimone@clutterunibas.ch