Information and Guidlines regarding Coronavirus

The Departement of Chemistry meets the thightened University's guidelines of 19 October 2020 and adapts its operating concept accordingly (further information can be found in the detaild operation concept and on the University's website):

Duty to wear masks in class

  • A mask must always be worn in all publicly accessible rooms. The mask may not be taken off while seated. The obligation to wear a mask also applies immediately before and after lessons.
  • Eating and drinking during the lessons is prohibited. 
  • Lecturers must, whenever possible, teach with a mask and use microphones.
  • The mask may only be taken off in the cafeterias, refectories and public areas of the University of Basel while food and drink are being consumed and while sitting down.

Working at the University

  • All employees are requested to implement home office whenever possible!
  • In work rooms (laboratories, offices, stockrooms, meeting rooms, libraries, learning rooms), a general mask obligation applies if more than one person is present. The distance rule of 1.5 meters must be observed even with a mask.
  • Experimental research is not restricted and should be continued within the framework of current safety concepts.
  • Physical sessions are now only permitted with masks. This also applies even when only two people meet.
  • Aperos (parties) on the premises of the University of Basel remain prohibited.